How Technical Educational Companies and Creators 2X their sales by hiring Technical Educational Copywriters…

How Technical Educational Companies and Creators 2X their sales by hiring Technical Educational Copywriters…


Do you think selling educational courses is hard?


Yes, it is. 


Here is the reason…


You will find educational content being thrown at you everywhere. Be it YouTube, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter or any other platform.


This is the age of information overload.


Knowledge is available at one click and free of cost.


That’s why selling courses becomes a real tough task.


Do you know who can come to the rescue during this situation?


Technical Educational Copywriters!


Who is a Technical Educational Copywriter?


Technical Educational Copywriter is a person specializing in writing copies for Technical Educational Companies and Creators.


These copywriters have good knowledge of the target audience.


But more importantly, they understand the technical aspect of courses you are selling. 


If you are creating Technical Educational Content, let’s say a course about ML and AI then the copywriter should have a fair idea about these technologies. 


Otherwise, he won’t be able to sell it to the full extent.


Do companies and creators need Copywriters?


If they want to increase their sales and revenue, yes they do. 


Most educational creators are good at teaching that’s why they would have created the courses.


But often these creators aren’t great at selling these courses.


The only reason behind it is they never learned and practised selling. 


And it’s completely fine, they should do the work they specialize in i.e. create courses.


And outsource other work.


The curious case of Educational Companies


Many Educational Companies make a huge blunders.


They hire content writers instead of copywriters. 




They lose a lot of money. 


Why would someone do it? Why would they lose money?


Sometimes it’s because they don’t know the difference between content writers and copywriters.


Sounds strange?


Well, it’s not, many people get confused between the two, even I was at one point in time.


I have also seen people make the content writers do the work of copywriters like writing landing pages, email copies or ads.


Because they don’t want to make the effort of hiring a copywriter to do the job.


Not realizing how much it is costing them.


So what’s the conclusion… hire copywriters?


Yes, sort of.


If you are selling technical educational content then you need technical educational copywriters.


The people who understand the product or courses you are selling because only they can uniquely present your courses.


I know I am repeating myself here but you need to understand how important it is.


But that’s what you need to make the most money.


There is one more problem though, you won’t find such copywriters easily.


After all, it’s really hard to find copywriters who also know the coding languages you are teaching.


What can be done in this case?


Keep looking for one, it would be better if they have at least some technical background.


So they can understand what your course exactly offers or how it is different from other courses in the field.


What copywriters can help you achieve


They can help you achieve the one thing you need the most i.e. generate more sales.


You can find unique insight into the audience’s mind through them. You might end up getting new course ideas.


Copywriters can sell your courses in different ways which is important as you are selling the same product repeatedly and require new ideas all the time.


If you hire the right copywriters they can make your marketing clear and compelling.


Good copywriters will help you stand out from your competition and build your brand.


Does all this sound too good to be true?


Well, it’s true, words have unlimited power and good copywriters can help you use them to your advantage.


Qualities to look for when hiring a copywriter


1)Make sure they know your Target Audience


One of the major challenges in copywriting is to understand your target audience. 

Once you know and understand your target audience you can use their language and share how your courses solve the problems they are facing. 


This is an essential step to writing a good copy. 


So make sure the copywriter you hire is taking the time to research your target audience if he is already not aware of it.


2)They should have a proper understanding of the product


Make sure they understand the features and benefits of your courses. 


So you somehow will need to find out whether they can understand your products. You can check their educational background or previous experience to know this. 


This is more important when copywriting is done for ‘Technical’ EdTechs. As not all copywriters can understand the stuff you are selling.


They should understand your product/courses to find its unique selling points.


Biggest Challenge in EdTech copywriting and how to solve it


Doesn’t matter what type of courses you are selling. There is a lot of information already available on that topic for free on the internet.  


And this is the number one reason people don’t buy paid courses. 


This is a problem creators of the course need to focus on while creating courses.


You will need to ask yourself how can you make people buy your course when the same information is available for free on the internet.


The answer that comes up is to make it unique, give something in the course which is not provided in free courses.


Here are some ideas: 


  • Don’t create generalized products, create products targeting a specific type of person

  • Doing the above thing will allow you to, make short courses, which can be a huge advantage for you

  • Provide mentoring or doubt resolution as support to make your offer better

  • Provide some premium tools for free to the students 


Some additional copywriting tips for you


It’s easier to judge a copy than to create one. 


So if you are hiring a copywriter and you are not sure if the copy they have provided will work. And you don’t want to test it or can’t test it for some reason.


Here are some general principles you can keep in mind while providing feedback to copywriters. 

These principles must be followed for writing a good copy. 


1)The headline of your copy should have one goal which is to make most people read your copy


2)Your copy should be clear. Do not use words your audience won’t understand. Remember confused people don’t buy.


3)Showing features of your courses is important but try to convert them to benefits because that’s what is going to sell the courses.


4)Have a Clear Call to Action. 


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