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Steal Like An Artist

Learn how to be more creative in your writing


Have you ever felt that your writing is not creative enough? 

Did you ever wish to create more original content?


In his book “Steal Like An Artist” Austin teaches us how to become more creative in our writing.


Nothing is completely original


As much as you want to be original and creative in your writing you need to understand that nothing in this world is completely original. All creative work builds on what came before. 


So you can’t be 100% creative. 


But you can still become more creative in your writing. 


Start your journey by imitating your favourite artists.


Don’t believe in art, believe in artists


You won’t be able to produce anything if you do not imitate.


If you wish to be creative from day one, you can’t be. Your creativity muscles build with time.


So start your journey by imitating your favourite artists. Don’t plagiarize their content. Give credit to the person if you are using someone’s content. 


Try to learn from all your favourite artists and then mix all it up.



  • If you copy from one author, it’s plagiarism, but if you copy from many, it’s research.

Stealing from your favourite artists will be a two-step process.


  1. Figuring out who to copy
  2. Figuring out what to copy

Who to copy?

Copy the people you love.


What to copy?

Copy the thinking style of your artists. 

Your aim should be to see the world as your heroes do.


The place where you will fail to imitate your hero, you will develop your own style.

“It is our failure to become our perceived ideal that ultimately defines us and makes us unique.”


Write what you like


Don’t write what you know, write what you like.


Rewrite your favourite works from your heroes. Make changes to it thinking about what could have been done better.


Think what if all your favourite artists got together, what will they create? Go, create that!


By doing the above steps you will get started.


Now it’s time to build your creative muscles.


How to do that?


To be creative be boring 


Don’t consume junk information from social media or news.


If you continuously feed your mind with information, it won’t create ideas of its own.


Try to get away from your laptop. Create all your work on paper


“We don’t know where we get our ideas from. What we do know is that we do not get them from our laptops.”—John Cleese


Your creative ideas will come on paper. You can later use your laptop for editing.


Use the Internet


Getting good at writing/creative writing is a two-step process:


1. Do good work. 

Make stuff every day. You’re going to suck for a while. 

But you will keep getting better.

2. Share it with people.

Your last post is the first post visitors will see. So you are as good as your last post.

This will keep you on your toes. And this will keep motivating you to create good content.


To get ideas of your own you will need to read.


So read from different people. People who are good. You don’t want to read garbage information. Follow different people online who can give you inspiration. 



Constraints lead to Creativity


Put constraints on yourself to be creative.

It might sound contradictory but constraints will force you to be creative.


Here are some examples of using constraints:

Write a song on your lunch break. Paint a painting with only one colour. Start a business without any start-up capital. Shoot a movie with your iPhone and a few of your friends. Build a machine out of spare parts.


The right constraints can lead to your very best work!


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