Learn how to land your first copywriting client in just 30 days... even if you don't know a word about copywriting now - Kuldeep Ravaliya

Learn how to land your first copywriting client in just 30 days… even if you don’t know a word about copywriting now

If you are here then you must be wishing to become a copywriter.

It might also mean you are a beginner in copywriting and want to land your first client.

Let me first tell you who a copywriter is so you don’t confuse copywriters with content writers.


Who is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who writes words to make people take some action.

A very simple example of the action could be getting them to click a link.

A copywriter writes content for emails, ads, posters, social media posts, webpages, etc.

At the first glance, it might seem to you that a copywriter writes the same stuff as a content writer. 

Yes, most of the time they do.

You must be wondering, what’s the difference between the two then?

The difference comes from the goal of the piece of content they write.

The main goal of a content writer is to inform and educate the audience through the content.

Whereas, the main goal of a copywriter is to persuade the audience to take some action.

Before we jump into resources to learn copywriting, let me tell you why you definitely need to learn copywriting.

Why you should learn copywriting

  1. Copywriters are one of the highest-paid writers in the world. So if you are looking to switch profession then copywriting could be for you, if you are interested in sales. 

  1. If you have a business or are planning to have one in the future then you must learn copywriting. Having knowledge of copywriting will help you grow your business exponentially.

You now know what copywriting is and why you need to learn it. 

Let me share the best resources to learn copywriting from so you can avoid wasting time on the wrong resources.

Resources to learn copywriting

If you search for resources to learn copywriting from, you will find a ton of them.

Most of these are free resources like youtube videos, blogs, etc. You can learn from these places but most of these youtube tutorials and blogs will just give you some overview and tactics of copywriting. 

Which is hardly helpful for anyone who wants in-depth knowledge on the topic to become a copywriter. 

Therefore you should choose one of the following two options to learn copywriting. 


You can take one of the courses available out there to learn copywriting. Some of the best courses are: 

  • Copywriting for Beginners: How to Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy by SkillShare 

The benefit of taking courses is that you will get all the in-depth knowledge but more importantly, you will become a part of a community that will grow your network and help you get more opportunities. 

Also, most of these courses will teach you the tools which will help you a lot in copywriting.

But if you don’t want to spend money or if you are unsure about taking copywriting as a career, then you should consider the last option, i.e. studying from books.


You should read books if you want to become a professional copywriter without spending a bunch of money.

Some of the best books to read on copywriting are: 

  • Copywriting Secrets

  • The Ultimate Sales letter

  • The Adweek Copywriting Handbook

  • The Copywriters Handbook

You don’t need to learn all of them, pick any one of them which suits you and start reading it and practising whatever you learn side by side.

Learning from books will give you a good knowledge of copywriting but you will lack the knowledge of tools and some other good resources for copywriters. As the books won’t take you over these.

Also, you wouldn’t have mentors who can give you feedback and suggestions when you feel stuck.

The best thing you can do in this case is join a community of copywriters to grow your network and learn from.

Therefore you need to be part of a community from where you can get knowledge about tools and resources. 

Being a part of a community will also help you get referrals, feedback and suggestion on your work.

Here is one such Copywriters Community that you can join. 


You wouldn’t get good at copywriting even if you learn everything on copywriting but don’t practice it.

Yeah, you knew this was coming. But it’s true!

Practice is really important in copywriting.

The best way to practice that I have found is to rewrite copies(text used for advertising) of your potential future clients.

So, you will need to find people who can become your clients in the future. Then you can look at all the different copies they are using and rewrite them to make it better.

You wouldn’t be able to make it better at first but eventually, you will be able to do it.

Following this strategy will help you in two ways: first, you will get to practice, second you can use this work when you will be approaching these clients in the future. 

To understand who your future clients can be you should focus on finding your niche.

Clearing the Niche Confusion

Finding a niche means finding an industry for which you will write copies. 

Your final goal should be to find such a niche so you can establish yourself as an expert copywriter in this niche. But you won’t find it until you have worked in different niches. 

So what should you do at the start of your copywriting career?

Some people will tell you that write for everyone so you will have more opportunities. 

This is the case with inbound leads, you should work for every industry for which you are getting the work.

But when it comes to outbound strategies you should do the following…

Think about 2-3 industries in which you are interested or of which you are a target audience and start finding clients in these niches.

Now, these are the clients whose copies you should rewrite while practising, so you can use them when you will approach them for work.

You can rewrite the ads(find them through facebook ads library) they are running, the landing pages they have or the emails they are sending.

This will help you to focus. And as you will spend more time in this field you will be able to find your niche eventually.


Landing your first client

There can be many ways to find clients but when you are hunting for the first client you should focus only on the ways that work the most. 

There can be two ways of finding clients Inbound and Outbound.

You wouldn’t believe it but finding inbound clients is easier in this digital world than finding outbound clients.

The main reason for that is when you approach someone it is not necessary that they would need your service at that point in time which is not the case with inbound clients. 

Now let me show you how to get these inbound clients in just 30 days.

Inbound Clients

Using LinkedIn is the best strategy for finding Inbound clients. Your goal from using LinkedIn should be to get noticed by your future clients and establish yourself as a copywriter.

Here are a few things which you will need to do to get inbound clients:

  • Connect with your future potential clients on LinkedIn.

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile so that people must be willing to give you work. Take inspiration from the LinkedIn profile of professional copywriters and optimize your profile.

  • Engage with other copywriters' content to gain more visibility and grow your network.

  • Post what you are learning on LinkedIn in a way that provides value to other copywriters. Remember consistency is the key here. You don’t need to focus on quality, focus more on quantity. Write for 30 days consistently and your chances to get an Inbound client will increase drastically.

When you are starting out you don’t need to focus on other platforms or strategies to get inbound clients. Because LinkedIn is the best platform for this purpose, focusing on one platform will give you more returns in the beginning.

Although, there is one more thing you can do to increase your chances of getting inbound clients, which I would recommend…

You can create your own website to increase your authority and stand out from others.

One of the important aspects of a copywriter's website is the feedback from old clients. 

As you are a beginner and you don’t have these, you can write blogs based on what you learn to establish your authority.

Here are two great copywriter websites you can take inspiration from and create one for yourself:

You can then put the link to your website in your LinkedIn profile.

Also, you can share the blogs you write on your website on your LinkedIn profile.

This will help you stand out from other copywriters. 

You can also use your website while finding outbound clients.

Outbound Clients

Finding Outbound clients might be a bit difficult, but if done properly, this strategy can land you the best clients. 

One thing you should remember while approaching outbound clients is that here quality matters more than quantity.

 You can use two platforms to approach your potential clients, email and LinkedIn. 

You can approach them on either of the platforms. What matters more is what you write or say while approaching them.

You will need to show them how you can help them make more revenue through your copywriting skills. 

When you are approaching them, rewrite the copies(ads, landing pages, and emails) they are already using and send them. 

Most of the time you will be able to make their copies better if you have spent some time learning and practising copywriting. 

Sending them just these copies won’t work, you will need to explain what you improved in their copy and how it will make them more sales.

You can also provide them with a free consultation on how they can improve their copywriting to increases their sales. 

There are a lot of businesses that are in need of good copywriters. You just need to show them that they can increase their revenue with your help.

Doing all the above steps properly would definitely land you your first client in just 30 days.

Good Luck!

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